About Grapeweb Spot Market - Wine Grapes


We understand that each year there is often a scramble by wineries to source, review and purchase additional fruit to meet their requirements. Many growers have uncontracted grapes but no simple or extensive pathway to find buyers for that fruit. The Grapeweb Spot Market application will simplify and streamline communications between buyers and sellers of wine grapes and improve transparency in this market.

Today, Grapeweb is used by many wine companies and over 2000 grape growers. With this reach we believe we can create much improved visibility in the spot purchase marketplace. Our application will improve visibility of demand and potential supply of wine grapes. Grapeweb Spot Market is like a match making service, matching buyers with sellers and vice versa.

Spot Market Solution


Grape Growers can list their grapes for sale on ‘Grapeweb Spot Market‘ for free. Existing Grapeweb growers will be automatically registered for access and can list any grapes available for sale. Non Grapeweb growers can register and also list their grapes for sale. Sellers need to re-confirm their listing on a regular basis to ensure the list is reliable and fresh. (email notification to update or confirm their grape listing status). The listing will be visible to all Grapeweb subscribing wineries and to other wineries who may want to access the Spot Market application.

Sellers will maintain their grapes for sale listed on the application. The status of each grape lot or listing will be either - available, in progress or sold. Buyers and sellers can have an online conversation at the conclusion of which the buyer and the seller may request the contact details of the other party. Grapeweb sellers can provide spray dairy records for the grapes on offer if required by the buyer. This can be simply achieved if those records are already stored in Grapeweb. Final discussion and negotiation on the sale of listed grapes can happen outside of this application.


Grapeweb wineries and brokers will be automatically registered to use the Grapeweb Spot Market. Other buyers (winery or broker etc) can register and subscribe the Spot Market. Extensive filtering will be included to view and refine the available grapes currently listed. The buyer can also publish their requirements for grapes (requests) including variety, region, tonnage, grape quality, delivery date etc. Once a parcel of fruit is selected, the buyer and seller can communicate using the application and their contact details can be requested by the buyer. Until there is agreement to share contact details each party is anonymous. Grapeweb is not involved in the financial transaction of selling/buying of the grapes.


  • Listing grapes for sale by sellers is free.
  • The buyer fee is 5% of the total purchase price of grapes sourced using the Grapeweb Spot Market.