Grapeweb Resistance Management

Grapeweb now offers a system to advise growers of potential fungicide resistance issues.

Wine industry organisations provide guidance on how to minimise the risk of the development of resistance to fungicide chemicals. Only certain chemical groups are susceptible to resistance development. For each relevant chemical group, the Grapeweb Resistance Managament System includes guidance on:

  • the maximum number of sprays per season
  • the maximum number of consecutive sprays
  • the maximum number of solo sprays
  • the maximum percentage of sprays
  • the minimum number of sprays of another group between sprays of susceptible chemical groups

The intention of the Grapeweb Resistance Management System is to provide guidance to growers to minimise resistance of pests / diseases to certain chemicals. This system provides information to growers to correct future chemical application practices.

Grapeweb Resistance Management is an optional extra available to Grapeweb wineries to assist their growers in minimizing resistance to relevant fungicide chemical groups.